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  • Red Line WaterWetter (12oz)

    Red Line Red Line WaterWetter (12oz)

    Doubles the wetting ability of water, Improves heat transfer, Reduces cylinder head temperatures, May allow more spark advance for increased torque, Reduces rust, corrosion and electrolysis of all metals and much more.


  • Red Line Two-Stroke Racing Oil, 1 gallon

    Red Line Red Line Two-Stroke Racing Oil

    Ultimate in two-cycle performance, extreme cleanliness Popular in racing and daily applications like motorcycles, marine, snowmobile racing, etc. Dyno-proven for gains of 3-5% and more power over longer runs High-temp stability prevents deposits on combustion chambers, exhaust ports, upper ring, and piston crown Suggested use at 50:1, but useful up to 100:1 depending on operating conditions Will premix with gas or up to 50% alcohol Chemistry in Two-Cycle Kart Oil and Two-Stroke Race Oil are identical, with different labels


  • Wilwood EXP600 PLUS Brake Fluid

    Wilwood Wilwood EXP600 PLUS Brake Fluid

    Wilwood EXP Super Hi-Temp 600 Plus Racing Brake Fluid has been specially formulated for racing applications where brake systems consistently operate at very high temperatures. In addition to guarding against vapor lock, EXP Super Hi-Temp 600 Plus Racing Brake Fluid maintains its viscosity and lubricity under extreme temperatures for maintaining brake system reliability and performance. EXP Super Hi-Temp 600 Plus Racing Brake Fluid conforms to, and exceeds U.S. specification FMVSS No. 116 DOT 4. Typical dry boiling point: 594° F (312° C). Typical wet boiling point: 399° F (204 °C).


  • Red Line Lightweight ShockProof®

    Red Line Red Line Lightweight ShockProof®

    Film thickness greater than an SAE 75W140, yet low fluid friction like 80W gear oil or 30W motor oil Excellent low-temp flow, improved cold shifting For racing differentials under moderate loads Popular in racing transmissions like Hewland and other Road Racing dog-ring boxes, Bert and Brinn for Stock Cars, G-Force and Liberty clutchless for Drag Racing



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